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Invisible Ink

by Purveyors Of Fiction

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released January 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Purveyors Of Fiction Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Veins
Can't believe her, but the lies are in my head.
Barely whispers.
They're in there, louder than my screams.
I won't go there.

I feel her, crawling through my veins.
Oh lord!
Couldn't leave her, my flesh it holds her taint.
Till this blood it pours.

Suicidal, or is it murder on my mind?
Will the blade show?
When i make the cut, whose scream is in the echo?
Whose blood the floor?

Track Name: Darling Darla
It's always such a sad story when someone just gives up like that. She's just a poor little sad girl.
It's gotta be the losers she surrounds herslef with. It's like she's not even there anymore.
It's like talking to a ghost. We used to be such good friends before all this.
I heard her dad raped here. I heard she let the soccer team run a train on her.

She followed the silence, she ran from the pain, the end of the needle tapped into her vein.
She's lost in a dream, real life fades away, in carpeted prison, fully entertained.

Now pray for the wicked, pray for the loons pray for the hopeless with nothing to lose.
My darling Darla, i'd help if i could, but a candle in darkness we can't help but lose.

The guards are away, she could run free, she holds herself hostage, laughs through tragedy.
Where bats turn to birdies, and wolves into sheep, rewritten in sunshine the plunger sets free.

A dream to dreamer, the story corrupt, cascading down wishes, barely held up.
My darling Darla, my darling indeed, one push of the plunger, together we'll be.
Track Name: Good Man
I could carry, your llittle soul somewhere, dark.
I could bury these fingers, places meant to rip you apart.
I could tear out, your heart, beating in my hands.
But I wouldn't do that, thats for demons, and you can't make me that.

I'm a good man,
And I can't let you drag me down.

I may dream it, your eyes falling, down the sleeping pill stairs.
Or holding you under, while your lungs fill, with the water from the bath.
But never i'll touch you, never i'll let your blood, cover my hands.
My eyes might betray me, but this body, never will.


I can't help it, you bring this all, on your self.
What i can help, i don't have to, and if you should end then so be...

I'll bring you flowers, anyway, its not like, i never cared.
Of course they'll be black, ten shades lighter, than your heart was in fact.
I'll still feel clean, no sin, no sin to wash off...


I'm a good man,
But a good woman you were not.
Track Name: Poison Kiss
You've got a poison brain & venom dripping off your lips.
My body just can't wait, for you to wash away these sins.
My lost angel, drag me down to hell.
Farther from paradise, each moment underneath your spell.

Your fire's feeling cold, your touch a blade upon my skin.
And yet i've no control, and you're inside me once again.
Split me open, the scars close up and then.
The poison lingers there, and festers long beyond the kiss.
Track Name: Drowning
Everything was black & white.
Except for gold & it was right.

Weighed down, killed me, it's what you wanted when you came around.
And i'm, drowning...

I did all I could for you.
You paid me back in I owe you's.


No love lost when you went.
No love for me to begin with.


I couldn't breath, you took it all away from me.
Nothing was mine, unless it came for free.
That wasn't you, every penny came to be.
Another way, of keeping you with me.

Drowning, in a sea of promise rings.
Hoping, that things weren't all you'd see in me.
I'm nothing more than a way to get you what you want.
Drowning, under the weight you put on me.

My minutes, became someone elses hours.
I traded, my life to give you what you want.
Still, away, exactly where you went.
A broken man, threadbare and bent.

Chorus 2

...the weight you put on me.
Track Name: Gypsy
I see you there, dancing, each step a hole in my heart
I see you there, ignoring, words that roll off my tounge.

You're beautiful, completely, controlling my heart.
You're special, amazing, your spell a high i ride on.

I'm at, my wits end, you're smiling on.
Something sinister, controlling, your eyes are guiding my palms.


When the dead is done, when i fall awake, when i'm seeing the sun.
No memory, no body anywhere, but i still know what i've done.

I see you there, dancing, each step a hole in my heart
You see me here, though you ignore me, your beast and murderous pawn.